by kamarie chapman                                                                                                   directed by nate harpel

The Working Theatre Collective presents Peaking, by Bellingham, WA playwright Kamarie Chapman. Three forgotten goddesses are exiled to the New Mexico desert for discovering the subtle art of masturbation. (And you thought you could just go blind!) Forced to deal with the trials of becoming human, these three goddesses (and two helpful, if bumbling, muses) banter, bitch, and break down, and (of course, of course) discover a little bit about themselves in the process.

Set against the backdrop of the Southwest, Peaking explores people’s natural ability to deal with a fall from on high, (literally, in this case), the power of choice making, and how a little bit of self-actualization can cause a lot of trouble along the way.

featuring Kaitlyn Acock, Tricia Askew, Colleen Hartnett, Samantha Luhn, and Sarah McGregor.

stage managment/set/light design: james mapes                                                      production management: ashley hollingshead                                                                     sound design: noah martin                                                                                                   costume design: breanne thornton                                                                                     props/set dressing: stephanie bachelder

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March 11-13, 18-20, and 25-27