a falling apart sort of thing

by nate harpel                                                                                                               directed by noah martin

From the seat of a barstool we stare into the heart of an infected world…

A brother and a sister live, work, and drink in Portland.  They get by.  They have partners, they have jobs, they buy Street Roots.  They drink Tecate tallboys and/or Manhattans. They get by.  That is, until a forgotten secret from their past surfaces, and then, well, then things fall apart.

The Working Theatre Collective presents a descent into tragedy courtesy of local playwright, bar poet, and collective member Nate Harpel.

Sometimes you can’t get over the things you did when you were young.

“Now there will never be a tomorrow.                                                                             For us it is an eternal now:                                                                                             slow and sick and beautiful,

Welcome to your tragedy.”

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featuring: kaitlyn acock, matthew hopkins, alice hodge, andy lee-hillstrom, bethany mason, and  holly wigmore.

stage management: nick fenster                                                                           production management: ashley hollingshead                                                      costume design: bethany mason                                                                                     light design: katelan braymer                                                                                        sound design: nate harpel

October 15-17, 22-24, 29-31