____not____ (blank not blank)

a new play by eva suter and nate harpel

directed by ashley hollingshead

So, you know how things get weird sometimes with your friends?  How, like, sometimes someone stops hanging out, or they get weirdly into drugs, or get obsessed with yoga or metal or their garden, or whatever?  And you know how sometimes someone new enters your group of friends and it makes everything kinda crazy?  How suddenly people start hooking up with other people, or get in fights, or suddenly have a new best friend and you feel all butt-hurt about it?  ____not____ is kinda about that.  But it’s also kinda about a city on a river in the west in which things start getting fucked up in general.

Featuring performances by Kaitlyn Acock, Jason Sample-March, Greta Pauley, Matthew Volner, Holly Wigmore, and Anna Zimmerman.

stage management/light design: ginnie loomis                                                                production management/props: ashley hollingshead                                                    sound design: noah martin & chris du bray                                                                      set design: matthew hopkins                                                                                             costume design: catherine liu

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