20 erotic shorts!

Directed by Ashley Hollingshead

Dirty? Thoughtful? Sexy? Funny? Sexy?
There’s only one way to find out…

Culled from almost one hundred submissions from Portland and beyond, The Working Theatre Collective presents our Valentine to the City of Roses: 20 short, sassy, sexy, and sweet plays.  For one weekend and one weekend only, Portland can take delight in a world premiere evening of sexy donuts, noisy neighbors, extremely attractive women, sexy mannequins, not-so-missed connections, the invention of the vibrator, and, so, so much more. Culminating with these five words: Star Trek fan fiction musical.  Featuring Kirk and Spock (I mean, who else would it be about?  Picard and Crusher?). 

Featuring performances by Jason Sample-March, Emily Gleason, Noelle Eaton, and Cooper Bomabidil.

stage manager: erin dees                                                                                      set/costumes/props: ashley hollingshead                                                                 lights: alex gagne-hawes                                                                                              sound: noah martin

And the writings of
kathleen warnock
matthew hanff
rich orloff
tj acena*
david gallic*
ethan kanfer
josh mcilvain
m. thomas cooper*
elaine avila
eva suter*
nan gatchel*
chris swanson and john martin
g. william zorn
bryan willis
jesse longman
bri pruet*
kevin six
lauren d. yee
alex gagne-hawes* 

*indicates a Portland based author. 

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One weekend only!
February 11-14th,
All shows 8pm