sex, drugs, and murder

a two part feature in the grindhouse style:


by eva suter and directed by nate harpel



by nate harpel and directed by eva suter


A dancer caught in the traps of her lifestyle decides to get some vengeance against those who brought her low.  Houstonatlantavegas is a darkly comic descent into the rough times found  within living the high life.  What secrets can you still hide within you when you get naked for a living?


She is a drifter. She is a line cook. She has killed some
people before. She will kill again. She is pursued by a detective. The
detective is fairly psychic. And then there’s the ghosts…. Peekaboo
looks into the dynamics between hunter and prey, between killers and
victims and more killers. The haze between dreams and waking. And a
society hungry for blood.

october 20th- november 5th

shows thursday-saturday, 8pm.

WTF BIKES se 1114 clay


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