beer and cookies cabaret!

A  fun time variety show!
we’ve had clowns, musicians, comedy acts, and fire dancing!

email us to find out when the next one is! or check back.  or both!

interested in performing? send us an email!!!


the next cabaret is:

Beer and Cookies Cabaret IV: The Reckoning

a fun time variety type  show for you!

featuring: Music! Mystery! Madcap! Whispering into Megaphones! More!

(and of course the aforementioned beer and cookies)  

The Working Theatre Collective presents another fabulous installment of the occasional cabaret– and we’re back with a vengeance! Music! Comedy! And More! Beer and Cookies IV: The Reckoning is a swell plan for a Sunday! Come join us at Radio Room for tasty beverages, cool cookies, and Good Times!



Sunday July 24th


Radio Room

1101 NE Alberta