about us


the wtc on opening night of story that ends and begins with a dream. L-R: noah, nate, matt, noelle, natalie, eva, and ashley. 2008

our manifesto

The Working Theatre Collective is an ensemble based company that is dedicated to producing new works and other theatre worth the effort.  We focus on aggressively artistic, DIY productions in unexpected spaces.  We are interested in creating theatre that is working to establish a home in the hearts of the artist and the audience. Through working to produce art we find the heart of living!
our story
Nate and Ashley had always talked casually about starting a theatre company. In the summer of 2008 Nate and Ashley were drinking beer in a tap room on a summer afternoon.  They decided that it was time to stop talking about starting a collective and time to start doing it.  They wrote down what was important about theatre to them and what they hoped to accomplish with the art form.  By the end of happy hour they had a name and a manifesto.
Four months later, Ashley joined Nate in Portland, OR.  They gathered other like minded artists and got to work.

the working theatre collective is: nate harpel, ashley hollingshead, eva suter, noelle eaton, noah martin (austin, tx), and natalie marie raymond (nyc)

nate harpel promises he will write a bio soon.

ashley hollingshead is the co-founder of the working theatre collective.  she serves as a director/designer/collaborator, as well as doer of all things admin.  for the WTC ashley has directed the peter pan project, zero divided by zero, blank not blank, 20 erotic shorts, medea and jason: a love story that ends badly, 26 ways i love you, and a story that ends and begins with a dream.  she has designed at least one element of every single production that the WTC has created (minus NORTH! and Bike Noir).  outside of her work with the WTC, ashley has worked with foolsFURY (san francisco) and Rorschach Theatre (washington dc).

Eva Suter writes and/or directs lots of projects for the working theatre collective, of which she is an original member.   some highlights include directing last year’s 20 Erotic Shorts, and the writing of a trilogy of plays about unfortunate Greek women. This spring she was awarded a Portland Drammy for her play Medusa (a perfectly normal girl/on the creation of heroes/and the slaughter of monsters). Which was pretty exciting. This year Eva is looking quite forward to season four– writing/directing with Nate Harpel in the double feature Sex, Drugs, and Murder; as well as taking on the third (Trois) installment of 20 Erotic Shorts! Outside of the collective Eva’s works have been produced across the Northwest, the country and recently the world! including Bellingham, Washington’s Idiom Theatre and the fabulous Northwest Playwright’s Alliance. Forward, always looking forward!

Noah Martin currently resides in Austin, Texas where he is a second year student in the MFA Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Although, he has been known to return to Portland to direct bike project for the WTC, a mobile play that occurs during Pedalpalooza. For the WTC, Noah directed the premiere of A Falling Apart Sort of Thing and has done numerous sound designs. He has taught and directed young people for Seattle Children’s Theatre, Northwest Children’s Theatre, The Right Brain Initiative, Cal Shakes, and Performing Arts Workshop.

Noelle Eaton is a Portland actress and member of the working theater collective.  Noelle receieved her undergraduate degree in theater performance from PSU where she studied under Devon Allen and Michael O’Connell.  Credits with The Working Theatre Collective include Dima in A Story that Begins and Ends with a Dream, Pamela in John Lennon’s Gargoyle and an ensemble member in 20 Erotic Shorts, NORTH! Saddle up and ride, and Bike Noir.  Other favorite Portland credits include Leonora in Our Shoes are Red/The Performance Lab’s Northwest premeier of Ursula, Claire in The Maids, Chrysothemis in Electra, Ensemble member in 4:48 Psycosis, Evelyn in The Shape of Things, and Ellen in Vinegar Tom.

wanna get involved?

we are always looking for like minded designers, stage managers, actors, technicians, and creative folks. Send us an email and perhaps we can get together for happy hour.