Bike Play 7: Time Cycle


Ladd Circle, 1600 SE Harrison St

6:30pm, meet at 6:30, show promptly at 7:00pm, June 18-21

Great Scott! The history of the bicycle is shrouded in mystery! The Working Theatre Collective in conjunction with Pedalpalooza is proud to present a play that invites audiences on a ride through space and time.

This year Devon Granmo directs WTC’s play by/on bike featuring Cristina Cano, Tara Coen, Noelle Eaton, Hans Ellis, Nick Fenster, Kaician Kitko and Yohhei Sato as they travel on two wheeled time machines and explore the events of yesteryear. Together we will ride across the continuum, (and around SE Portland), to ensure the future is set right!

Grab your helmet, tune up your own two wheeled time machine, and join us on this excellent adventure.

FREE! Donations gladly accepted.

bike play bikplayPedalpalooza


2 responses to “Bike Play 7: Time Cycle

  1. Do you know how long the ride is? My wife is past due but still riding everyday. She wants to go but it depends on the distance of the ride. We have gone every year for 5 years!

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