Bike Play 6: Bike Play’s Big Adventure!

June 19-22nd
Thursday-Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 3
Peninsula Park
The Working Theatre Collective is proud to present a play about a protagonist and their bike — together for the first time in their (6th) big adventure! When our hero has their beloved bike stolen, they set out across North Portland to get it back and find themselves on the ride of the summer! 

For the 6th installment of the Working Theatre Collective’s wildly popular play by/on bicycle, we decided to give a nod to one of the greatest bicycle films of all time: Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Loosely inspired/informed by the cult classic tale of bicycle theft we encourage audiences to ride to, through, and alongside this summer-evening (and one afternoon!) adventure as it tells its story across a series of locations.

Bring your helmet and be prepared for some james bond kinda stuff. 

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