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glowing review from the oregonian!

“Balletic yet brutal, poetic yet in-your-face…”


“This is theater at its choicest, both raw and refined, urgent and hopeful…”


read the full review here!


and make rsvps by calling: 503.893.9075


RSVP: 503.893.9075

you should prolly make an RSVP if you’re coming to the show. because a) it’s nice to know when you’re coming but really b) so if a train stops on the tracks at 7:55 for 15 minutes WE WILL WAIT FOR YOU.

like we did last night.  

and we’re open!

we had a lovely opening night.  thank you for those who made it!  


and adorable audience story of the evening: 

we had an elderly couple that walked up, sat in the front row (in and of itself this is unusual– most of our audiences are 35 and under).  they appeared to throughly enjoy the show.  afterwards they stuck around for pie and coffee and told us how much they loved the play.  i asked how they found out about our show — the listing in the weekly.  the fellow told me that when he was little, the woman used to take care of him, and now that she’s older, he likes to make sure that she gets out of the house.  she lives down the street, they saw the listing, and they showed up.  

check out our preview in the oregonian A&E

‘Something Epic/Everyday’ explores the concept of creating your own American dream – whatever that means. Researched, created, and performed by Tara Coen, Noah Dunham, Noelle Eaton, and Devon Wade Granmo; with direction by Ashley Hollingshead.

8 p.m. Thursday
Action/Adventure Theatre 

Officially, the latest recession is over and the unemployment figures are slowly getting slightly less bleak. But “Happy Days Are Here Again” sure isn’t on the hit parade. So the Working Theatre Collective and Action/Adventure Theatre — two of Portland’s most entertaining and provocative small performance companies — have teamed up to ask some questions, such as “What do you do when hard work just isn’t enough anymore?” and “How do you keep optimistic in these dark times?” Ashley Hollingshead directs a new play, researched and devised by the cast and described as “a mashup of found text, song lyrics and everyday life.” 

Opens 8 p.m. Thursday, continues 8 p.m. Thursdays-Saturdays through May 5, 1050 S.E. Clinton St.; $10-$15 (pay-what-you-will Thursdays), 503-893-9075, 



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filmed/edited by rory magnus



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photos by pat moran


The Working Theatre Collective 
in collaboration with
Action/Adventure Theatre present

a new play directed by ashley hollingshead

April 19th — May 5th
Performances Thursday — Saturday 8pm
$10-15, Thursdays PWYW
1050 SE Clinton st
rsvp: 503.893.9075

We find ourselves at an interesting crossroads: jobs have disappeared and it doesn’t seem like they’re coming back. Student loans and home foreclosures and the rising number of people on food stamps and unemployment make the news daily. What do you do when hard work just isn’t enough anymore?
How do you create your own happiness and manifest your own destiny, when everything seems so bleak?

How do you keep optimistic in these dark times?

SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY explores the concept of creating your own American Dream – whatever that means. 

Researched, created, and performed by Tara Coen, Noah Dunham, Noelle Eaton, and Devon Wade Granmo; with direction by Ashley Hollingshead, SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY is a mash up of found text, song lyrics, and everyday life. 

Don’t worry — there will be singing and dancing in our future.

SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY is the first (official) collaboration between The Working Theatre Collective and Action/Adventure Theatre. It’s been a long time coming. 

The Working Theatre Collective is an ensemble based company that is dedicated to producing new works. We focus on aggressively artistic, DIY productions in unexpected spaces. Through working to produce art we find the heart of living!

Action/Adventure Theatre is a not-for-profit Portland-based performance collective that collaborates and experiments with local artists of varied disciplines and actively engages and cultivates a new audience base. Action/Adventure strives to broaden Portland’s supportive artistic network and create work that is inspiring, relevant, and speaks to the universal and the local experience.