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so goddamn soon




to our rad friends at Action/Adventure for all of the great praise that they’ve been getting for Danny and the Deep Blue Sea.  great reviews in both the merc and the weekly.  you’ve got two weeks to check that show out before it’s gone!  

this is what SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY is about: real life.

 me:  i would say that there is only about 10% writhing.
however there is about 25% grapes of wrath and 20% bruce springsteen.
 Michael:  i mean, that’s pretty much real life

Something Epic/Everyday gets official!

it’s always an exciting moment in devised theatre when you create that google doc called “script”

and with a click of a button three months of structured hang out time turn into a show.  it’s magic.  


there are already amazing, powerful moments emerging.  we are really excited to share them with you. 


something epic everyday goes to the beach!



there is a certain nostalgia in sea air.

SOMETHING EPIC/EVERYDAY is rolling right a long.  we’re just over half way through our process (a little over two months down and a little less than two months to go).  we had a (very) informal showing for a few folks about three weeks ago, and got some really great feed back — and learned a lot about the show that we’re making.  we’ve spent the time in between the showing and now making all new stuff, so now we have even more material to choose from.  next week we’re taking a two day retreat to the ocean to make food together, answer some big questions about the piece, rehearse, and stare into the pacific and ponder the miniscule nature of humankind.