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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

JR Wickman and Dainichia Noreault in the greatest one-night-stand story ever told, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, by John Patrick Shanley.

A divey bar in the Bronx. Danny at one table. Roberta at another. “Me, I’m twenty-nine and I cant stay the way I am for too fucking long” says Danny. And Roberta feels the same. Driven to the edge of endurance by alienation and self-loathing, these lonely strangers are ready to try anything to get out of their own heads. Described by the LA Times as “a foul-mouthed romantic fairy-tale with bloody knuckles,” Shanley’s masterpiece gives us a ringside view of the thoroughly damaged duo as they grapple and grope their way through one transformative night.

Buy Tickets Here:

To make reservations email or call 503-308-8679

Opening Friday, March 2nd
Full Run – March 2nd – March 24th
Performances are 8pm, Thursday – Sunday
Tickets – $15, Thursdays are pay-what-you-will

For more information visit


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