tips to keep optimistic in these dark times

-Leave your house at least once each day.
-Eat chocolate
-Find a hobby or something to do to fill up your time.
-Take time to prepare good, healthy meals. It’s better than just eating junk food, even though you don’t think it is.
-Go to the park to incorporate as many puppies into your day as you possibly can.
-Don’t drink by yourself. It never ends well.
-Don’t put all your hopes on getting a specific job, it’ll be that much harder when you don’t get it.
-Remember that happiness is not dependent on the stuff you own; try not to be too attached to the things you own, and don’t try to create happiness by buying new things.
-Get a library card. Use it.
-Positive predictions create positive outcomes
-Do something nice for a stranger (it can be small like holding open a door)
-You don’t have a career, just a job
-You don’t have to have money to have a good time
-When you’re broke, let your friend buy you a drink. Buy them a drink when they’re broke.
-Make dinner. Make dinner with someone else.
-Have a clothes swap
-Make sure to get away from the internet for a bit each day
-Make a schedule, and find a reason to get dressed every day, even if you have no place to be.
-Watch Ryan Gosling movies
-Volunteer; make the world around you a better place
-“It can always be worse”
-Do something you’re good at every day, even if it’s just folding laundry
-Take it one day at a time
-Lessen the importance you place on money. More money, more problems.
-Make some art!
-eat a slice of pizza!
-can’t go out? invite some friends over, and tell them all to bring beer
-pick something you’re good at, and decide to get better at it.
-Say hello to strangers you think are nice looking.
-tell your family you love them more often than you normally would.
-make food for yourself, and try to improve on a recipe
-compile a list of free events/activities you can do every week
-tip better and call it good karma
-find a new favorite sitting place; read a book there
-she’s pretty/he’s handsome: go for it!
-write down something you’ve found that makes you feel humble; then write one down that makes you feel powerful
-treat a friend to lunch
-take a pizza break. i really can’t stress this enough.
-spend some time being naked (alone or otherwise)
-pick a simple project; finish it
-tell a child they’re awesome; help them to know confidence now
-go lie down in an open field and look up at the sky/stars/clouds
-Do some yoga!
-go camping
-remember that it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye
-worse things have happened to better people
-make time to hang out with your friends. Party; laugh; get drunk
-we’re all in this together
-go outside
-listen to happy music and dance
-ignore the news and turn off the tv
-find ways to say “fuck you” to the man (quit your bank; buy local)
-light some incense
-say hi to people; if you think something nice, say it! complement people
-walk tall
-don’t look for a hero in a politician
-listen to some radio lab
-have intelligent conversations that aren’t about depressing things
-live in the now
-try to ignore the fact everyone you know back home is married/has kids.
-change feels slow, but it happens. Just think about how much has changed in the last fifty years
-re-read your favorite books from childhood
-sing! alone, with friends, karaoke, in the shower
-spend time with your loved ones, especially the elderly and children
-talk to people you meet, smile at strangers
-leave time for pleasuring yourself. and others.
-get up early
-stay up late and look at the stars
-watch the sun rise and/or set
-buy someone flowers
-buy yourself flowers
-plant a plant
-do your laundry and make your bed. slip into clean sheets.
-look at an empty building and imagine what could go in it
-take a bike ride along the river at light and pay attention to the way the city lights reflect off the water.
-feel some fancy fabric
-feel some fancy paper
-remember to tell your family/friends you love them
-play a favorite board/schoolyard game with friends
-organize a block party
-teach someone something you know well
-sex and mimosas
-make stuff
-learn how to make new stuff
-learn how to live with less
-read more
-discover free stuff
-turn off the news and dance
-raise your fist sometimes
-maybe throw a rock at a McDonalds window when no one’s watching
-pick berries
-pay attention to how the moon and other things make you moody but really you’re ok
-get a mantra
-play really funny games
-try to find new ways of doing old things
-write/receive letters
-get pedicures
-give people stuff
-make chili
-clean your room
-blow kisses to the moon


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