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Steaming Up



20 Erotic Shorts: Trois!!! Tickets Available on the INTERNET

We’re going fancy this year, and preselling tix on brownpapertickets. You know you wanna. I know you wanna. Who we trying to fool here?

20 ES 3 Tix!!!    (this is the brownpapertickets link, yup)

EAT It! 20 Erotic Shorts: Trois

Eat 20 Erotic Shorts!

or rather eat at 20 Erotic Shorts: Trois! As well as the FULL BAR available at all shows (hey, just sayin), at the Saturday and Tuesday (Valentine’s Day, if you’re counting) night shows Madison’s will be offering up a cool meal (Vegan or Not so Much). This ain’t your grandpa’s dinner theatre, for sure, but $30 bux for some crazy sexy cool theatre and sweet eats — Hey that ain’t half bad yeah? In fact, I”m pretty darn stoked. So skip the long waits at the fancy restaurants with heavy curtains, or the car exhaust in the drive through at Burgerville, Eat, Be Entertained, Etc, just try and not shoot a dinner roll out of your nose, what with the funny stuffs! Tickets Available On line! or rush at the door.

Check out Madison’s!

peace out y’all

working working working busy busy busy

rehearsals have started for both 20 erotic shorts: trois and something epic everyday.   non-stop theater all of the time! woo!

20 erotic shorts will be in our largest venue to date (more on that soon!), so we will actually selling tickets over the internet.  baby steps into the modern era, folks.