The Working Theatre Collective announces the world premier of the first show of their fourth season: Sex. Drugs. Murder: A Double Feature, PEEKABOO and HOUSTALANTAVEGAS.

Knives in purses. Guns in stockings. Blood on the hands of girls who have never known better. The Working Theatre Collective takes a wild spin across the wrong side of the tracks for two one hour tales of Sex, Drugs, Murder, and a good dose of American mayhem.

Filtered, ever so gently, through the structure and general kickassedness of seventies grindhouse culture, Sex, Drugs, Murder, features paired one hour plays: Houstatlantavegas by Nate Harpel and Peekaboo, by Drammy award winning playwright Eva Suter.

Once upon a time, a dude fell in love with a stripper. What a typical Portland story. Once upon a time, a stripper was at the end of her rope. What a typical Portland story. Once upon a time, shit went down. Houstatlantavegas is not a typical Portland story. Booze and blow, blood and dollar bills, and where do you hide your secrets when you get naked for a living?

In Peekaboo, She is a drifter. She is a line cook. She has killed before. She will kill again. She is pursued by a detective. The detective is a psychic, kinda. And then there’s the ghosts…. Peekaboo stares into the dynamics between hunter and prey, between killers and victims. Into the haze between dreams and waking. Into the open eyes of a society hungry for blood.

Contains adult situations, simulated violence, partial nudity and strong language.

Oct 20th-Nov 5th
Thu/Fri/Sat 8pm
WTF Bikes 1114 SE Clay
$10-15 sliding scale
Thursdays Pay What You Will

RSVP: 503.893.9075


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