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show up in your halloween costume and get $7 tickets

to sex. drugs. murder. on saturday the 29th.


get your halloween started right!



Double Feature!

See This Thing!


The Working Theatre Collective announces the world premier of the first show of their fourth season: Sex. Drugs. Murder: A Double Feature, PEEKABOO and HOUSTALANTAVEGAS.

Knives in purses. Guns in stockings. Blood on the hands of girls who have never known better. The Working Theatre Collective takes a wild spin across the wrong side of the tracks for two one hour tales of Sex, Drugs, Murder, and a good dose of American mayhem.

Filtered, ever so gently, through the structure and general kickassedness of seventies grindhouse culture, Sex, Drugs, Murder, features paired one hour plays: Houstatlantavegas by Nate Harpel and Peekaboo, by Drammy award winning playwright Eva Suter.

Once upon a time, a dude fell in love with a stripper. What a typical Portland story. Once upon a time, a stripper was at the end of her rope. What a typical Portland story. Once upon a time, shit went down. Houstatlantavegas is not a typical Portland story. Booze and blow, blood and dollar bills, and where do you hide your secrets when you get naked for a living?

In Peekaboo, She is a drifter. She is a line cook. She has killed before. She will kill again. She is pursued by a detective. The detective is a psychic, kinda. And then there’s the ghosts…. Peekaboo stares into the dynamics between hunter and prey, between killers and victims. Into the haze between dreams and waking. Into the open eyes of a society hungry for blood.

Contains adult situations, simulated violence, partial nudity and strong language.

Oct 20th-Nov 5th
Thu/Fri/Sat 8pm
WTF Bikes 1114 SE Clay
$10-15 sliding scale
Thursdays Pay What You Will

RSVP: 503.893.9075