CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 20 erotic shorts: trois

it’s that time of year again, time to think of short shorts and winter and love and dirty, sexy, silly plays…

it’s time to SUBMIT to 20 Erotic Shorts: Trois !!!

20 short plays from all sorts of fancy folks, PDX and beyond!

To be directed by Eva Suter and performed by a company of actors.
Dirty? Thoughtful? Sexy? Funny? Sexy?
There’s only one way to find out…Write one…

to be performed at five minutes or less
Erotically themed (not necessarily erotic)
Four or fewer actors

Include in the script at least one of the following:
-the sound of a max train
-a red pen
-“the perfect cup of coffee”
-paper dolls
-“i need a summer evening”                                                                                                  -a distinguishing scar

Submission are due 11/1/2011
Feel free to submit several pieces
We will inform you if we select your work by the new year.
Recompense will be free tickets and our undying love and affection

send original scripts to
(indicate “20 Erotic Shorts: Trois” in the subject line)


3 responses to “CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 20 erotic shorts: trois

  1. Please explain what a “max train” is. Is a “max train” sound different from that of any other train?

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