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Houstatlantavegas / Peekaboo
a double feature
by the working theatre collective Sex! Drugs! and Murder!

The Working Theatre Collective announces auditions for its first production of their 2011-12 season.  

Sex! Drugs! and Murder! is a grindhouse-style double feature theatrical event showcasing plays by
Nate Harpel and  Drammy award winning playwright Eva Suter.
Houstanatalantavegas: 3m 2w
Peekaboo 3-4w 1-2m
age range: 20s-mid30s
There will be some amount of double casting between the plays.
Both shows run approx. one hour each and will be shown back to back.

About the shows:

A dancer caught in the traps of her lifestyle decides to get some vengence against those who brought her low.  Houstatlantavegas is a darkly comic descent into the rough times found within living the high life.  What secrets can you still hide within you when you get naked for a living?
She is a drifter. She is a line cook. She has killed some people before. She will kill again. She is persued by a detective. The detective is fairly psychic. And then there’s the ghosts…. Peakaboo looks into the dynamics between hunter and prey, between killers and
victims and more killers. The haze between dreams and waking. And a society hungry for blood.
Please have a monologue no longer than a minute and be prepared for cold reading and side coaching.

Auditions will  be held on Sunday, August 21st at (the action/adventure space) from 3-6 pm, with call backs following directly thereafter. please email for more information and to set up an audition time.  there will be a small stipend.
Performance dates will be late October
Rehearsals to start in early September, with a couple script workshops beforehand.