Beer and Cookies IV: The Reckoning– call for awesomenes!!!

Hello World!!!
A call for awesome!

It’s time, oh yes, it’s time, for another Beer and Cookies Cabaret!
it’s about time, eh?

Beer and Cookies IV: the reckoning
Sunday July 24th
At RadioRoom

And we would ever so like to see you there!
Doing a thing! Dancing? Singing? Puppets? Comedy? Poetry? SECRET TALENTS(!)? Telepathy? New works? Fun stuffs that last ten minutes? It’s a variety show! We’re looking for all kinds of things, and people (like you?)!

The Beer and Cookies Cabaret is a special time in a girl or boy’s life.  Much like the videos they’d make you watch that one week in health class.

It should be a fun time!!

Drop me a line!!!
email. or on the cellular telephone machine! 360.927.1244

Looking forward
and as always
Stoked as ever!

Eva Suter
the working theatre collective
beer and cookies cabaret
generally around and about


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