Bike Noir Opens Tomorrow! A few questions answered

Where does the play/ride meet? WTF Bikes 1114 SE Clay

When? What time? June 23-26. The meet up time is 6:30pm.

What is bike noir? A film noir inspired play in which the audience follows the performers on bicycle to various locations to watch the action unfold.

How much does it cost? Bike Noir is a free event! However, we worked hard and put our own time and dollars into this production. We greatly appreciate any donation to help fund this production and future WTC events.

How long is the ride? Its about 6-7 miles. The show and ride will last about 2 hours.  We will return to our original location at the end.

Is it a difficult ride?  We will ride at a fairly slow pace and have frequent stops to watch the action. We picked a route that we hope will accomodate all levels of riding experience. The ride is mostly flat with one moderate hill going up Main by the Schnitzer. There are a few points to watch out while we are crossing railroad tracks.

What if I get a flat? Tom Daly of WTF bikes will be riding along to help audience members with flats and other mechanical problems.

Is the show family friendly? The show is not intended for young audiences, but the content is appropriate for all ages. Young riders should find a lot of surprises to enjoy along the way.

Other Questions? Feel free to contact the working theatre collective @

We’ll see you on the ride!


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