20 Erotic Shorts 2.0

Rehearsals with our 20es cast Virginia Thayer, Samantha Luhn,  Renee Gerow,  and Meredith Ott are going swimmingly!

it’s all happening. all of it!

In less than a month!   For all you curious folk, these are the said 20…

Cat Burglar Romance by Scott Rogers

An Erotic Short for Winter by Alexis Scott

Fan Dub by Sam Wallin

Four Extremely Attractive Women Lounging around a Pool, Fantasizing about Rich Orloff: The Swimsuit Edition by Rich Orloff

Jack’s Last Night in Town by Meghan Brown

The Juggler who Lost his Arms in the Rodeo Fire by John Weagly

The Librarian by Nancy Gall-Clayton

The Lovers and the List by David Williams

The Mounting by M Thomas Cooper

Office Mates by Eva Irvin

OHS&M by Mark Konik

The Orgasm by Ron Burch

Out to Lunch by Judy Klass

Pandora’s Boxxx by Katy Albert and Sophia Hamilton

The Ritual by Virginia Thayer

Seal Eating by Kristin Rowan

Snow Day by Tammis Doyle

Useful Household Tools by Danielle Schmidt

Work Order by Eva Suter

You’re Doing it Wrong by Kaician Kitko


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