and soon it will be fertile ground madness.

oh yes, we’re doing something. not just some thing, but two things!

Working in Progress: “peter pan project” and “A Spirit to Write a Joyful Song”

Mon 24 Jan 2011 07:30PM

peter pan project is a devised piece about growing up…or not.

Created by Ashley Hollingshead, Sean Andries, Sara Lynn Herman, Craig Lamm, and Alex Leigh Ramirez.
“i am still alive and loved and wide-eyed in my time”

What did you want to be when you grew up? a Navy Seal, a farmer, a fire truck driver, an archaeologist, a popcorn maker…remember when you were a kid and could be any any thing you wanted? do anything you wanted? but now we are growing up and finding a world so different than the one promised to us. it’s harder to be what we dreamed we could be, sometimes even harder to continue dreaming…This will be a phase one workshop showing, before a final production in the spring.

The Spirit to Write a Joyful Song by Nate Harpel

The journey from talented young gun with promise to local hero is a sketchy road at best, even when you may or may not be the most talented musician the world has yet to produce. In a town not unlike this one, a man with a guitar struggles with love and liquor, drugs and death, fucking up and freaking out, and other alliterative phrases. Just remember, there are other ways of losing your soul than just selling it to the devil. A sort of folk-rock ballad opera, Spirit will be a work in progress reading.

A Spirit to Write a Joyful Song will be part of a two event evening: The Working Theatre Collective: Working in Progress. peter pan project will show first (7:30pm) followed by A Spirit to Write a Joyful Song (8:30). There will be a feed back session after the two works.

These shows are a part of the Fertile Ground Festival.

Eff Space
Portland, OR

tickets to our shows are cash at the door ($5-10).  if you want to buy a festival pass (letting you into our show and more.  so much more) go here.


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