Beer and Cookies Cabaret! Call for Radness!

Howdy World!

The Working Theatre Collective presents

Beer and Cookies Cabaret:
the third one:
Live at Radio Room!!!
Three times as Beer, Three times as cookie, Ten times as Awesome!

yes that is a lot of awesome!

And we want you!!! to do things! Dancing? Singing? Puppets? Comedy? Poetry? SECRET TALENTS(!)? Telepathy? New works? Fun stuffs that last ten minutes? It’s a variety show! We’re looking for all kinds of things, and people (like you?)!

The Cabaret will be Sunday January 9th at 9pm at Radio Room (NE Alberta and 11th). Performances should incorporate the theme “This Day in History,” in some manner or another (did you know that Thomas Payne’s “Common Sense” was published on the 9th of January, that that’s Nixon’s b’day? that that was the day the Martians finally revolted? etc etc etc) The possibilities  are almost endless!

Interested? Drop an email!! Please include “beer and cookies” in the headline!



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