Monthly Archives: November 2010

auditions for 20 erotic shorts 2.0

are totally dec. 14th.

just sayin.


last weekend of medusa!

make your reservations because tickets are going fast (tonight is already sold out)


and there are blazer’s games on both the 18th and the 20th, so parking will be tough.  please keep that in mind.  car pool. ride your bike. take the bus. etc.

and, and, and we’ll have a waiting list at the door.  i think that it is actually impossible for an entire audience of reservations to show up.  even if they’ve paid in advance.

we’re a thing to do!

technically for yesterday, but you can still check out this friday/saturday.  as well as next week!!!!

woo hoo!  come check it out! the mercury says so!

reservation line correction

number to call is actually 503.893.9075.