september happenings!!! (aka: SO MUCH!)

the first show of our third season opens next week!!!

Zero Divided by Zero (0/0)

by nate harpel

directed by ashley hollingshead

september 9th-25th

shows thursday*-saturday, 8pm

$10-15 sliding scale

*thursdays are P.W.Y.W.

eff space

333 ne hancock st, pdx

rsvp: 360.739.8523

zero divided by zero

two actors and one very busy slide projector search for the mysteriousness in  meaning and meaning in mystery and answers to all sorts of things in this play about love, god, the infinite…and math.

two bumbling angels, a pair of aging lovers, an impassioned math professor, a world weary bartender, and also staring the big ole Alpha Omega and all the letter between.

what are we doing with our lives? what happens when things change? what does zero divided by zero equal? what does it all mean? what happens when we aren’t in love anymore? what if we don’t know? what’s the message? what if there are bears?

featuring Emily Gleason, Jason Sample-March, and slides by Mr. Matthew Hopkins.

on september 19th from 12-4pm  for two things with working titles!


written by eva suter

directed by nate harpel

november 4-20th

2M 2W

Medusa deals with monsters and non-monsters, what it means when you
know you’re cooler than everyone else, doomed (even fatal) love
affairs, and that inexorable march towards tragedy.  A(nother)
classical retelling, Medusa is the third and final segment of
playwright Eva Suter’s Unfortunate Greek Women Trilogy.

Medusa will be produced from the ether in a quick, dirty
actor-driven rehearsal process, so we’re looking for actors who are
game to play, have afternoons (or late nights) and weekend days free,
and want to play a whole bunch of parts in a ninety minute play.


peter pan project
a devised piece about growing up…or not.
created by ashley hollingshead.
2M 2W

looking for delightful folks who are interested in playing with a variety of movement and acting techniques and exploring different ways of storytelling and being on stage.  And awesomeness.

casual rehearsals of research/sharing/playing starting in october, a workshop showing in january and a full production march 17th-april 2nd.

send us an email if you are interested in auditioning for either/both shows! please prep a monologue that is one minute or less (bonus points for found monologues), we’ll prolly have you do it a few ways.

callbacks will be the following week.

And while the past two Beer and Cookies Cabarets have been awesome, we’re taking a break in September because The Baltimore Annex Theatre will be performing A Fistful of Flowers in eff space on September 22nd, as part of their first ever West Coast Tour.

This is what the Baltimore Annex Theatre has to say about themselves:

The Baltimore Annex Theater Inc. rends asunder the notion of theater from its warehouse apartment location in Baltimore, Maryland. With a core team of nine steady members who live and work in this seething artistic womb, plus hoards of friends and volunteers, the Annex has, for the last three years, been producing and hosting multitudinous performances that span time and culture: from psychedelic film homage Fantastic Planet (2010) to classics Rhinoceros (2008) and Dr. Faustus (2009), to tragic Noh Matsu Kaze (2009), and original works by their own members and friends. They surprised and delighted the eastern half of the United States in 2009 with an original based on the classic poem Beowulf, a complete world hatched from one mini-van thriving with monsters, heroes, and triumph over the void.
This fall, the team is bigger, the tour is bigger, the van is slightly bigger, and the vision is expansive. “A Fistful of Flowers” takes its audience to the prismatic land of saguaros with an immersive, sprawling stage and cracked Western characters. And, as the Annex is a collective of individual artists, each show may feature a roulette of solo acts including epic poetry, enormous pom winding, and throat-singing.
Always seeking adventure in new realities, Baltimore Annex Theater is Going West.

we’re really excited to have these folks perform in our space while they’re in pdx.
some details such as start time and cost have yet to be finalized, but we’ll keep you in the loop.
you should really check out their website.  it’s kind of amazing.

speaking of websites, we’ve switched over to a wordpress account for easy uploading.  check out our new website here:

the wtc


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