Bike Play 11- The BIG One

Bike Play 11: The Big One

Bike Play is back for its 11th year! Bike Play is free original theater with the cast and the audience all on bikes!
This year’s show is groundbreaking…or should we say groundQUAKING! When The Big One hits Portland, it’s up to a group of intrepid cyclists to rebuild society and maybe learn some lessons along the way. Bring your bike and helmet and tag along!
June 20th-23rd, ride gathers at 6:30 and show starts at 7:00 @ Normandale Park

The Working Theatre Collective Presents 10th Anniversary Bike Play!

The Working Theatre Collective Presents
10th Anniversary Bike Play!

The Neverending Cycle
A Musical Adventure on Two Wheels

Peninsula Park, 700 N Rosa Parks Way

Ride meets at 6:30. Show begins promptly at 7:00pm, June 21, 22, 24, 28, 29, & 30

The Working Theatre Collective is proud to present the 10th Anniversary of Bike Play! This musical adventure invites audiences to ride alongside the revolution, as a band of scrappy die-hards battles to save a Portland in which the cycle has all but disappeared. Building on a decade of wildly popular bicycle-based theater, The Neverending Cycle puts its performer’s cardiovascular health to the test – by also being an original musical. GB 8.5x11 R2.png

Bike play 2017

Bike Me To The Moon

For the 9th year in a row, the Working Theatre Collective hosts the one and only Bike Play! This annual ride takes Portland cyclists, young and old, on a one-of-a-kind theater experience in which an entire PLAY is performed in site specific locations in one of Portland’s unique neighborhoods. This year’s ride will be taking place in inner NE Portland’s Kerns neighborhood. Join us as we take inspiration from classic literary stories such as “20,000 Leagues under the Sea” and “Around the World in 80 Days” to tell the tale of the first humans ever to blast a bicycle to the moon!

Directed by Noah Dunham
Produced by Noelle Eaton
Poster design by Greg Bigoni
Choreography by Diana Schultz


Noah Dunham
Noelle Eaton
Nick Fenster
Kristopher Mahoney-Watson
Brett Mustard
Yohhei Sato
Jenny Standish Bunce
Stephanie Woodsbike play w text.jpg

Bike Play 8: “Adventures in Bikesitting”

Bike Play 8: Adventures in BikeSitting


Bike Play this year is totally righteous! Working Theatre Collective is throwing it back to the ‘80s with a reimagining of the classic movie “Adventures in Babysitting”. Naïve suburbanites find themselves stranded in the Big City, and they’ll have to use every trick in the book to get home safely!

Join director Tara Coen and the cast of Jenny Bunce, Noelle Eaton, Hans Ellis, Kristopher Mahoney-Watson, Yohhei Sato, and Diana Schultz as they match wits with mob bosses, groovy musicians, and everyone in between in their quest to get back to the ‘burbs!


June 16-19

6:30 PM, meet at 6:30, show/ride begins promptly at 7:00 PM

Ride meetup is at” Action/Adventure Theater  1050 SE Clinton St, Portland, OR 97202


FREE! (but donations much appreciated!)13151456_10100548455557881_1262141074419712664_n

Bike Play 7: Time Cycle


Ladd Circle, 1600 SE Harrison St

6:30pm, meet at 6:30, show promptly at 7:00pm, June 18-21

Great Scott! The history of the bicycle is shrouded in mystery! The Working Theatre Collective in conjunction with Pedalpalooza is proud to present a play that invites audiences on a ride through space and time.

This year Devon Granmo directs WTC’s play by/on bike featuring Cristina Cano, Tara Coen, Noelle Eaton, Hans Ellis, Nick Fenster, Kaician Kitko and Yohhei Sato as they travel on two wheeled time machines and explore the events of yesteryear. Together we will ride across the continuum, (and around SE Portland), to ensure the future is set right!

Grab your helmet, tune up your own two wheeled time machine, and join us on this excellent adventure.

FREE! Donations gladly accepted.

bike play bikplayPedalpalooza

Bike Play 6: Bike Play’s Big Adventure!

June 19-22nd
Thursday-Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 3
Peninsula Park
The Working Theatre Collective is proud to present a play about a protagonist and their bike — together for the first time in their (6th) big adventure! When our hero has their beloved bike stolen, they set out across North Portland to get it back and find themselves on the ride of the summer! 

For the 6th installment of the Working Theatre Collective’s wildly popular play by/on bicycle, we decided to give a nod to one of the greatest bicycle films of all time: Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Loosely inspired/informed by the cult classic tale of bicycle theft we encourage audiences to ride to, through, and alongside this summer-evening (and one afternoon!) adventure as it tells its story across a series of locations.

Bring your helmet and be prepared for some james bond kinda stuff. 

Support Ashley on Kickstarter!!!

Support Ashley on Kickstarter!!!

check out ashley’s current project and throw them a couple of dollars.  it’s gonna be super awesome! 




iw posterwhat ashley’s up to these days over at social sciences

and mark your calendar for her upcoming show INDEPENDENT WOMEN, which runs march 6-22nd at action/adventure (1050 se clinton st)


Irving Park, NE 7th Ave and Fargo St, Portland Take Trimet (North Side- Next to the Basketball Courts)
6:30pm, The Show/Ride Leaves at 7pm, June 20 – 23
Bike Play returns!
Answer the call to adventure as Bike Odyssey takes you on an epic journey through a land of gods, monsters, and heroically dexterous bike mechanics. The fifth installment of the Working Theatre Collective’s road-cloggingly-popular, pedal-powered-quest-theatrical-spectacular resurrects the gods of old for one more ride. You will cycle through worlds (and underworlds!) forbidden to mere mortals, alongside our band of cyclo-nauts. Don’t forget your bike!
You are encouraged to come dressed in the guise of your favorite bike goddess, demigod, or titan.

See you next June!



It’s been an amazing four years, but it’s time for us to split up for a bit.  

Nate and Eva are off to graduate school (both for playwriting, Nate at Savannah College of Art and Design, Eva as part of the Michener Program at University of Austin, Texas.  Which is where Noah is also going to school).  

Ashley and Noelle are going to continue to live and work in Portland.  Ashley has been commissioned by Action/Adventure to create a devised piece for their 2012/2013 season. Noelle will perform in it (and is auditioning for other things around town).  If you’re so inclined, you can find out what Ashley is up to here


We’ll be back for Bike Project 5.0.  It’s too good to pass up.